Who we are


Our identity and values

Caperva is a young, passionate team with considerable experience in technological solutions within the global environment. Our engineers, chemists and experts in the process industries are recognized for their ability to adapt to each new project. We pride ourselves on our Integrity, honesty, credibility and professionalism.


What we do

Caperva represents manufacturers of equipment in Spain and Portugal that are international companies. All of them are leaders in the field of process manufacturing, which has allowed us to learn from the best and develop our expertise in this area.

Our knowledge and experience encompasses any process industry, although we focus primarily on the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food sectors.


What we propose you

Caperva will be a partner and not just a supplier. We want to be close to you, providing you with all of ours and our companies’ experience represented to your process. We cover from the R&D business, or development of the applications to post- sale and relationship cross coordination with our customers.

Caperva will be a partner and not just a supplier. Working closely with you, our experience will provide quantifiable benefits for your process, from initial R&D and application development to post-sales and relationship cross-coordination with customers.


Which services we offer you

Caperva will give you solutions adapted to your process requirements – and FITTING YOUR PROCESS NEEDS – from the development phase in the laboratory and pilot plant, to the industrial scale.